When I was 7, I was playing in my back yard with friends when a man walked up to us. I remember him vividly. He was about 30 years old, tall, fit and clean shaved . Oddly, he was wearing an overcoat and a derby hat, like the men wore in the late 1800's. None of us knew him or knew where he came from, but we weren't afraid and stopped playing to greet him. The man looked down at us and simply asked, "who wants to go to heaven?". I immediately jumped up and down with excitement and waved my hand high in the air, "I do! I do!" I screamed. No one else answered him.

The man smiled down at me while I eagerly waited for him to tell me the secret I just knew he held, the secret of "How do I get there?". However, no answer to my unspoken question came. He never said another word. He didn't produce a bible out of his overcoat, start preaching or even tell me I had to be a good little girl so I could go to heaven. Instead, while still smiling at my upturned face, he gently placed his hand on top of my head....

That is all I remember about the stranger in the overcoat and hat that came to us that day. I don't even remember his coming nor his leaving. I just remember our short exchange. As an adult I have asked many gifted psychics who this man was and they all have given me the same answer .. "That was not a man, it was an Angel."

I tell you this short story because I believe the derby-wearing Angel ignited the gifts I now use in my service. My journey has been long and on-going. It has been exciting, enlightening and yes, as all Spiritual Mediums will tell you, sometimes difficult. However, I would not change a thing as I know life teaches us individual and universal lessons we must learn to align us with our highest potential.

Rebecca Manns