"Rebecca is amazing and the real deal! I called hopeful, but a little skeptical, so I was very careful about how much information I provided, until I was confident she was legit. She was able to reach several people in my life that had crossed over, and told me things that only they and I would know. Not ambitious things, very specific knowledge that no one would be able to find out anywhere or guess. Rebecca is very friendly and genuinely cares about providing a good experience."
posted on April 8, 2017 by Jen Cowdin

"I had my first reading with Rebecca the other day and I was really impressed with her abilities. She was able to give me clarity on some of the issues I had questions on and was able to give information about people that I did not even mention. I would definitely recommend her!"
posted on March 20, 2017 by Jennifer Elorreaga

posted on March 9, 2017 by ROGER SPURGEO

"Rebecca's insight and ability to connect so easily to my situation is amazing. I have consulted with her on different occasions to find answers I knew could not be found elsewhere. I was having a very difficult time when I reached out recently and by the time we concluded, I had the answers I was seeking and bonus insight for my husband. Amazing, touching."
posted on March 1, 2017 by Brenda Pinson

"I had a reading with Rebecca on 1-25-2017, and I was amazed at the accuracy of her insight. It was as if I was talking directly to my loved ones who have passed. I am grateful for her gift and slept better than I have in a long time after my reading. I will suggest to everyone to read her notes on how to prepare for a reading - have questions or some thoughts available. The half hour goes quickly, so you will want to make the most of it." K ~
posted on January 26, 2017 by Kathy Joseph

"Rebecca was so helpful. She connected with many of my relatives that passed and provided me with guidance on how to move forward. Highly recommend talking to her."
posted on January 14, 2017 by Kim Dybvad

"Rebecca is amazing. I had several questions/ areas of concern. She was able to provide answers & guidance in all of my questions. She is compassionate & extremely gifted. I will definitely contact her again. I would recommend that anyone that has a question regarding their angels/guides, past lives, lost loved ones, current/future relationships & pets......contact her! She will give you answers and information that will make your life much better!!"
posted on December 29, 2016 by Patti Hopkins

"Tonight I had an inspiring and often surprising reading with Rebecca. She was immediately able to connect with the very souls I had questions about. Accuracy was a 10 +. She has a compassionate understanding of the inner workings we mortals seek to comprehend. I recommend her to those that wish to know about family + friends who have left to go home but wish to let us know what their time here meant to them and us. Very uplifting. I will certainly call on her again + refer my family + friends."
posted on August 25, 2016 by shirley oneil

"I just had a great reading with Rebecca. She was so kind and easy to talk to, and I felt that she was truly interested in me my feelings and where I was going. I never felt rushed. I only felt that she was there at that moment in this only with me, and only there to guide me. She helped me with some business decisions. She was able to connect with my dad, and while we were at it we even discussed issues that my dog was having. I would use her again. I felt very at peace when we were finished."
posted on June 28, 2016 by Linda Hrenya

"I have had many readings with other mediums and they were good but Rebecca is good, kind, compassionate, & feels like an old friend. She told me things about me that she couldn't have known. I can't wait to talk to her again! Call Rebecca for a reading & you won't be sorry!"
posted on June 18, 2016 by Donna Gardner

"I had never had a reading before, and I needed some answers that I knew only someone like Rebecca could get. I needed to find out the truth in a relationship that failed, and some life issues. One hour with Rebecca and I learned more about me and life, than living 56 years! The truth came out about the relationship and I knew that that would heal me. It did! Everything matched up, and I knew I was right!! What I found out about me, explained a lot of things!! Rebecca is the Real Deal!!"
posted on June 14, 2016 by Carl Zimmerman

"Rebecca is by far one of the best readers I have ever used. I have been reading with her for 1.5 years and she has always provided me with the best guidance & predictions w/ just a name. I was in a very difficult relationship and Rebecca's readings helped me see the situation for what it was and got me through it so I could see what effects my actions and his had on my path. She also helped me connect with my spirit guides and was always available and willing to read for me. Love her, my go to reader!"
posted on June 13, 2016 by Estephanie Ortiz

"What an incredible experience! This was my first reading and I didn't quite know what to expect, so I was a little nervous. But Rebecca was wonderful! The information she shared was so specific to me and my loved ones. I really felt that she came from a loving place and that she truly cared about me receiving the messages I needed to hear. At the end of the reading, I felt such a sense of contentment. I've already encouraged several loved ones to seek out her guidance. It's completely worth it!"
posted on June 12, 2016 by Dr. Sarah Myer

"Rebecca is truly amazing. She is my "afterlife line" to Patricia, my beautiful wife who passed in 2013. My first reading with Becki was a month later. I was incredulous as Becki immediately connected with Patricia. Since then I've had 75 readings, each one so fulfilling that I simply can't wait for the next (and neither can Patricia). Rebecca is accurate, clear, and direct. She's simply the best. Get her while you can. She deserves national recognition and that should happen soon."
posted on May 30, 2016 by Alan Geiger

"Over the last 40 years, I have had hundreds of readings in many different states, with a dozen or so Psychics. Now, I only seek counsel with Rebecca. Her comprehension and accuracy have amazed all whom I have sent to her. Do your self a favor and schedule a reading with this authentic, extraordinary, kind, responsive, medium."
posted on May 27, 2016 by Don Geiger

"I've had 2 readings within the pay month with Rebecca. She seems very much to the point with details. Her delivery of messages I find to be amazing. She read and understood the person I was calling about without me providing details. I was in awe. Some parts of the reading was kinda dissapointing because I really wanted my happily ever after sooner rather than later. Thank you for your honesty, sincerity and your delivery of messages. Greatly appreciated and I will be staying in contact."
posted on May 21, 2016 by Jessica Kinsale

"Rebecca is outstanding I have been a client of hers for decades! She has always been true to me and accurate! She is amazing and always leaves her clients feeling at ease because of her honesty!"
posted on May 5, 2016 by Fatima Aljishi

"I've consulted with Becki for years now, whenever I've needed clarification or advice on some aspect of my life. I have no doubt as to the source of her "wisdom" as the angels have spoken to me directly through her many times, always with messages that were healing, thought-provoking and illuminating. How I wish I had her gifts!!"
posted on April 7, 2016 by Michelle Gordon

"Rebecca was amazing..at first I was so nervous for some reason.. But with in minuets Rebecca has me feeling I was just talking yo someone have know for years..She was spot on with a lot of my situation. And told me things I definitely going to look into. Thanks Rebecca your a blessing!!"
posted on April 6, 2016 by Mary Kepler


"Talking to Rebecca felt like "going home." She was easy to connect with and offered insights into many areas of my life. Her connection to me and intuitive and psychic gifts helped me decide how to proceed in many areas. I hope to talk to her again soon, perhaps at least every six months or so, in order to make sure my decisions are in line with my best self. Her ability to connect with my own vision for myself is extraordinary." Posted by Cherie, Ohio, 2016

"Speaking to Rebecca was my first experience, ever, of having a reading and it was truly remarkable. I actually was led to her by the purchase of an amazing Native American doll, which I had been searching for a very long time. From the moment we began speaking, she was spot-on with all of the extensive information she gave me and helped me greatly to understand various occurrences, dreams, etc. that I was struggling with, to include the recent death of my dad. I actually was given a great deal of information to pass on to my mom, which was invaluable to her. In fact, so much so, that she later called Rebecca and had a reading of her own. As I am currently stationed overseas in the UK, I wasn't sure how well we would connect, but from the moment we began, all of those concerns immediately dissipated and it turned into an incredible experience. We have stayed in touch and continue to have an amazing connection. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone searching for those soul answers that have so far eluded them...you will search no more!" Posted in Jan. 2015 by Sherri, United Kingdom


"Over the years with each reading from Rebecca we have become more and more connected. I've found her to be very patient and caring; and have always come away after each reading reassured that we all have access to help from infinite spirit, our angels, guides and loved ones. She's been able through her gift to tap into information that I can use for my higher good. I can definitely say I've learned a lot about myself and am comforted by that knowledge."- Michelle, Akron Ohio, 2015

"Rebecca is seriously the most straight forward accurate psychic i have ever met. I have done a few readings with her! She just knows... EVERYTHING! without you saying a word....and just a name she will be able to tell you the whole story....past present and future! This woman is outstanding at what she does. She does not sugar coat anything - just tells you what she sees. Becki is seriously an amazing caring and true psychic..my go to girl! Thank you so much for always being there for me!" Posted on Oct 21, 2014 by Fatema, Korea

"I submitted 3 questions to Rebecca by email and she got back to me right away and let me know when she would respond. That was comforting. And her responses were sincere and right on. For three questions, three answers gave me lots of insight and much to ponder. Thanks Rebecca!" Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Sue, USA

"Rebecca, Thanks so much for your amazingly insightful reading! I felt closure with my Great Aunt and thank you for that. You also really hit home with your insight into my relationship with my former girlfriend, giving me the peace of mind to move on knowing I did the what was best for both of us. Thanks again your an amazing psychic! I'll tell all my friends about you" Posted Sep 30, 2014  by Scott, USA

"I scheduled a phone reading with Rebecca because I absolutely needed some information and didn't know where else to turn.  When she emailed me to schedule a reading for the following evening I mentioned my issue being rather time sensitive and needed information sooner if possible.  Rebecca went out of her way to provide me with a quick reading to get me through until our meeting the following evening.  From the start, she exhibited sincere kindness and compassion I haven't seen from other psychics and didn't tack on an "additional emergency fee" others try to charge.  The information she provided during the reading was invaluable!! I learned more about my Grandmother from Rebecca speaking to her, than I ever have from any of my family members.  Rebecca is truly gifted and it's very rare to find an individual that has all the abilities she has been blessed with.  I am definitely going to be a recurring customer and can't wait for my next reading.  Thanks Rebecca!" by Amie, Ohio, 2013.

"Thank you so much! This [email reading] means a lot to me .... you are amazing just like all your reviews say!" - Heather, Creston Ohio. Nov. 2013

"I had my first phone reading with Rebecca yesterday and am still smiling with joy and relief.  My wife Patricia had passed away on September 15th and I was desperate to simply know if she was ok and happy.  I had been waiting for some sign from her and none had come yet.  None that is until my good fortune brought me in contact with Rebecca. Rebecca’s reading for me yesterday was nothing less than extraordinary.  I was stunned when she was able to immediately contact Patricia and then continue to pass on messages from Patricia to me, and pass back my responses to Patricia, throughout the reading.  I couldn’t  believe my ears as I struggled to make short notes about each exchange. By the end of my reading, I had jotted down no less than 68 different notes about these ongoing exchanges between me and my dear wife.  I was often choked with tears of joy as I tried to keep up with Rebecca.  Believe me, most of the exchanges with my wife were very personal.  I am absolutely certain that I was talking to my dear Patricia.  There is no doubt in my mind.  I am totally relieved now for the first time since Patricia’s passing.  My grief has turned to joy.  I’m certain now that Patricia is not only ok and happy, but she is often with me, holding my hand in the way that only she could have described. Thanks Rebecca for your excellent reading.  You not only satisfied my pressing concerns about Patricia’s happiness and welfare, but also  gave me the assurance that Patricia  REALLY IS with me.   I am now completely relieved of my stress and concerns and grief.     I thank Got that He blessed you with your special gift of clairvoyance as a spiritual medium, and I thank God that I found you." Posted Oct. 2013 by Alan Geiger-Powell, Ohio

"Hello, hello! Guess where I am???? Yep! I now live in Florida. Been here about 6 weeks now and could not be happier. Your prediction of my future in Florida has made all the difference in my life. Everything fell right into place and went somoothly. Now if only I would meet that 'silver hair fox' you also saw in my future. Thanks for everything Rebecca. I feel alive again!" Posted by Barb,Fl. June 2013

"Hello Rebecca, I want to thank you so much for my phone reading I received last week from you. This reading helped me tremendously! I can sleep better. I can shower without fear. I actually can be in a room alone without feeling so enclosed. My heart is at ease now. I feel that I can breathe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you get this all time and this is what you do. But you have changed my life. After going threw a traumatic event in my life, I did not think I would ever be the same. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I don't think I can say it enough! :) I really appreciate it!!" Posted by Chrissy Boyd, May, 2013

"Becki didn't only do an Angel Reading, validating my 'hunches' and broadening my inner wisdom, but brought on a wonderful healing-of-the-heart experience with my late father. I must admit that I just realized how very important and life-changing the words of confirmation, and of my Guides' wisdom could be. I walked away from the session not only with joy and excitement, but with the confidence of knowing what path I must take to fulfill my highest purpose in life. What a GIFT and GEM you are!!!" Posted on Jun 13, 2011 by Timi Agnew

"Becki is absolutely wonderful! I felt comfortable with her right off the bat. She can talk with your deceased loved ones. Everything she said was 100% correct - it is NOT chance guessing - the accurate info that she gives you is proof she is talking to your deceased loved ones. She connected me with my spirit guides and she told me what health issues my lab is having. All the information she gave me about myself and my family is all accurate. She definitely has the gift of clairaudience!" Posted on Jun 12, 2011 by Janne Ferguson

"When I got off the phone with Rebecca today I started crying, and have been tearing up since. Not from sadness, from joy, because I don't feel alone anymore. I had some serious questions that I emailed (3 question email reading) her about, and she asked to have a phone reading instead. She told me that her angels were telling her to talk to me and she did not charge me extra. She gave me some great advice and specific directions, plus some serious facts that blew my mind. But, it's her kindness that I will never forget." Posted on May 26, 2011 by Heather Tuller

"Becky is the best! I had a reading with her and she told me everything I needed to know. There is no question she won't answer. I have a few different situations going on and she was right on point about everything. She is very honest and caring. It was like talking to my best friend. I could've talked to her forever. She had so many messages from the angels. I feel so much better after talking to her. I will definitely be calling her again. Becky is truly a gifted soul."
Posted on May 31, 2011 by Diane Holt

"Becki Manns is a spiritual intuitive, writer, and an extraordinary channel. Through her dedication as a spiritual student, she has developed such a unique divine way with words allowing her gifts to motivate and empowers others in her readings. As a Spirit teacher, it has been my honor to watch Becki become a bright light glowing with wisdom and heart. I deeply respect her work which offers knowledge, understanding, vision and an honest expression of the Highest Truth and Spiritual Principles and Integrity." L.M. Carol, Spiritual Consultant, Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor, CHTP, Angel Therapist® (Certified by Doreen Virtue PhD) Burleson, Texas

"I am writing to make a comment on what I know about Becki Manns's psychic ability...a few years ago, I facilitated a class on developing your psychic ability at our local metaphysical bookstore. Becki attended the class w/ others....it was apparent to me that Becki could do several ways of communication w/those that have passed to the other side when she read a friend of mine from a photo! We had not met before and did not know each other at the time. She was incredibly good and the best of the class!" Sincerely, Rev. Dr. Nina A. Burton - Dayton, Ohio

"Becki, you are a God send. You have no idea how much this has helped me. No ones brought up about my back problems in relation to walking the babies (dogs) until you said it over the phone reading, so truly you have helped me and the babies so much! And also helping me with connecting with my mom and friend Liz. I want to connect with them again at our next visit too! A truly grateful person and indebted to you."
Susan, Chad and Chelsea Marie. - Belmont, Ohio

"Rebecca is a blessing.  She has been more than just a reader, she is a caring friend.  I came to her over a year ago with questions about my life after going to others.  The other psychics gave me morbid or completely inaccurate readings.  I felt they were just after money.  Not so with Rebecca.  From the very get go i knew she was different.  She told me of a woman i was going to meet and described her in detail, guess what? I met her 6 months later.  I was going through financial problems and things weren't going very well, she said I wouldn't have to worry about money again.  Guess what? Things worked out just as she said they would.  I've come back to her a year later and that feeling i got from her the first time came right back like a long lost friend willing to help in any way possible.  I have complete trust in Rebecca my reader and friend." Rob G. - Springfield, Ohio

"A friend of mine suggested that I talk to Becki for my cat problems.  After talking with Becki, my cat no longer urinates outside her litter box.  Becki is very good at communicating with all of my animals.  I had one cat that would throw up all the time, a dog with joint issues, and a couple of cats that would lick their fur off, but at the suggestion of Spirit, we adjusted their food and water, and got a humidifier to solve their problems.  I also had a cat that would sleep on me at night.  It drove me nuts, because I could never get a good nights sleep.  He would meow obsessively during the night and wake us up.  He even used my bed as his litter box a few times.  Becki talked to him, and explained that he cannot do that.  Now he cuddles with me on the couch when I'm there, and sleeps there at night.  He even lets my kids pet him and cuddle him now, which he never did before.  A while ago, I wasn't feeling well, and she found out what it was about, and gave me some things to do.  I did them right away, and saw a huge change!  She has also 'gotten' things from spirit that have been very life changing for me. She is super supportive and we have become great friends, able to share and heal each other.  She is a true blessing." Kim L. - Beavercreek, Ohio 

"Becki attends the same meditation circle as I do and she receives many messages for us from spirit. It is amazing to watch and so interesting to hear the messages she gets for people. Sometimes she retrieves a single word and that is all you need to hear to bring clarity to a portion of your life and when a passed loved one connects with her, sending loving messages, it bring tears to the whole group. She is a loving and caring person that i'm so glad to have in my life. Thank you Becki, for sharing your gift with the world." Sissy K. - Tipp City, Ohio

"The doors and windows that have been opened up for me after working with Becki Manns is amazing.  I can not say enough about Becki.  Thank you for being the voice that I needed and being the guide to show me a direction that has steered me toward all my angels, and my guides.  I have begun to read and write and trust in myself and my higher beings that are with me constantly.  I now am able to feel the angels and guides when I call upon them, and can even feel them begin their work.  Again, thank you Becki, for everything." Mary Jane - Dayton, Ohio

Healing Sessions

"I can't say enough about the recent healing/clearing session Rebecca did for my son. As with any teenager there are definitely the normal challenges with moodiness , and grumbling. It seemed like almost a year or so with us constantly going back and forth without accomplishing anything. Exasperated as he gets older by the loss of his father a few years ago when he was 10years old. It got to the point where we were at a standstill with communicating on a civil level with each other . I was at my wits end and doubted if my son even loved me. After the clearing/healing session. I had what I hoped was healthy expectations for a gradual deviation from our new norm. Imagine my surprise when after only a day or so, out of nowhere my son sent me a text message that read "Mom I just want you to know that no matter what you think , I appreciate you so much and I love you, you're most important person in my life and nothing can ever change that". Wow ! I know there are and still will be ups/downs, but I'm thankful for Rebecca's help. My son is using his softer side , there has been a shift in his consciousness. We've been able to take baby steps and communicate with each other more effectively." - Michelle, Akron Ohio.2015

"Hi Rebecca!  OMG how awesome!!! I'm speechless!! I felt our healing session almost constant! One feeling after another. It was incredible! Started by feeling warm all over, then tingly, then felt something moving all through my body like in waves. And then cold, then warm. I feel Amazing. :) You're amazing! thank you!" - Cheryl Columbus, Ohio 2015