"We are infinitely created and always connected" Rebecca Manns "Take me to the seedy side of
life and I will show you the
most magnificent of trees"
- Unknown spirit
through Rebecca
"Inner love hath wings to fly above
the common good to the
extraordinary purpose of all"
- Unknown spirit
through Rebecca
"We are one infinite soul.
Never see yourself as separate.
To heal yourself is to heal all that is"
- Unknown spirit
through Rebecca
"The key to unlocking heaven on
earth is the same key that unlocks
the mind"
- Unknown spirit
through Rebecca
"Sometimes when I wake up at night, I feel like I've
been asleep a thousand years.
Then I go back to sleep and dream of Angels."
- Unknown spirit
through Rebecca

Rebecca Manns

Psychic Medium

Spiritual Teacher

Precipitation Medium

Rebecca Manns, internationally recognized medium, psychic, author and teacher, has connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit. Death is said to be a part of life, but through Rebecca’s career as a spiritual medium she knows that death is not just a part of life. She knows that although our loved ones are on the other side, they remain with us as part of one continuous life that is infinite.

Rebecca’s ability puts her in the top 5% in accuracy in her profession. She has been tested and certified by Bob Olsen of Best Psychic Directory as 100% authentic. In her work as a medium she is known as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and channel. Using all these abilities she bridges the physical and spiritual worlds. She gives a voice to her clients loved ones in spirit to relay messages of love, comfort, hope, understanding and joy. As an entertainer, Rebecca’s sense of humor and compassion creates a light-hearted, safe and fun environment for her sessions and events.


"Rebecca has an extraordinary gift....just amazing! I have spoken to other psychic/mediums in the past, but none as detailed and on point with several aspects of my life as she was. I'll never forget the unexpected sign that she passed on from my great grandmother! Not only is Rebecca compassionate and understanding when it comes to sensitive topics, she is 100% genuine. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to connect with a passed loved one, clarity, guidance or healing!"
"Our session was truly amazing. The amount of clarity and insight you have brought to me is greatly appreciated! It was amazing how you picked up on the hints and secret code my mother and I had made before her passing. The code about the birds and the yellow flowers was amazing. Hearing the messages from my loved ones has cleared up so much in my mind. I go to bed this evening with a happy heart, feeling as though I have closure. You are truly an amazing woman, I cannot wait to speak with you again!"
Trish B