Precipitated spirit cards through Rev. Hoyt Robinette

Rebecca, a well known Psychic and Mental Medium, also has the lesser-known gift of Physical Mediumship. Physical Mediumship is a paranormal phenomenon that is done without physical contact by the medium. A spirit or many will manipulate energy from the Medium to create phenomena that can be seen, heard, or felt by everyone in the room.
Examples of this type of gift are levitation, apports, materializations, etherializations, trumpets, slates, ectoplasm, rappings, independent voice, and precipitation.

Rebecca has capabilities of precipitation and apported items through Physical Mediumship.

Precipitation is a very rare form of Mediumship phenomena that is demonstrated by only a handful of USA Mediums today. Precipitation is accomplished by the Spirit World, using a Physical Medium, to create various forms of “precipitated art and writing” that is purposeful, intelligent, even humorous. Such phenomena support the concept of Life being Continuous beyond the change called Death. Such phenomena IS Spirit Communication with those of us still on the Earth plane.

Rebecca is considered a developing Precipitation Medium until she is able to have constant and expected phenomena exhibited with others in the room during a Precipitation circle meeting using her Precipitation box. She has samples of Precipitated scribbling and initials on walls of her home and lines, color marks, and drawings on blank cards from spirit.

Apports is the name given to various objects, such as flowers, coins, marbles, paper with writing, jewelry, and even líve animals that are materíalized in the presence of a Physical Medium. Rebecca has had many salt-like crystalized formations and ectoplasmic samples materialize within her precipitation box. She displays a very encouraging gift of apports materializing on her hands or fingers.

She encourages anyone interested in learning more about this gift to join Rebecca’s weekly Developmental Precipitation Circle where she and her Precipitation guides practice and hone this amazing gift to participants.

Samples of Psychical Mediumship brought through Rebecca

Precipitation Mediumship Circle – Come join the weekly unfoldment!

The first circle, Sunday, August 9, 2020, will be offered free! Thereafter a circle love offering of 20.00 cash (at the door) will be set in motion. This is to cover the utilities of the building and not Rebecca’s time.

Please email Rebecca for more information and to be added to the weekly sitters list. Participants must reserve seating every week personally with Rebecca. There is no open admission at the door.

Rebecca is looking for curious individuals that would like to be supportive of her physical mediumship development. Come one time or every week on Sundays at 2:30 at SoulAge healing center.

In this special circle, you will learn about the incredibly rare and near-forgotten Gift of Spirit known as Precipitation Mediumship, also called Spirit Card Writing. With this ability, Spirit produces (because of ectoplasmic and energetic powers of physical mediumship) often evidential Images and writings without human hands or instruments and more. We will have a short meditation period and time to speak about all things spiritual and paranormal. (tip: Rebecca often receives individual messages during this time as well :)) You will learn about the various styles of this phenomenon along with seeing many artifacts and learn to develop it at home yourself! However, this circle that will be held weekly, if enough people can come each week, is strictly to support Rebecca’s current development.

A minimum of four people each week is needed to hold the circle and a maximum of 12.

The first circle is Sunday, August 9, and is free. After that $20 at the door to cover utilities of the building.

Be a part of something rare and unique!
See you there!

Precipitation July 9, 2020