Rebecca was born and grew up near Dayton, Ohio. Ohio is known for its multiple Leylines and deep limestone deposits that influence many paranormal events and cultivating exceptional mediums, renowned spiritual medium Edgar Cayce is one example. Dubbed the Sleeping Prophet, Cayce was drawn to and lived in Dayton before continuing to Virginia Beach, Virginia to build his hospital of enlightenment. Natural born psychic abilities are passed generationally and Rebecca’s grandmother was well known in Dayton. With the same gifts as Rebecca, her grandmother helped the farmers in timing the planting and harvesting of crops as well as advising the towns people in day-to-day life.


Rebecca’s abilities started as a child, but there were very few fearful experiences as many psychic children report. She does have fond memories of watching her toy horses gallop across the shelf in her bedroom and seeing lights dance on the ceiling. She grew up sensing she was different and “special”, but experienced no extensive paranormal activity until she was near 18 years old. That is when she started studying metaphysics and the real opening of her gifts began.

Now with over 40 years of paranormal and spiritual experience, Rebecca has dedicated her life in helping others connect to their God team through her readings, classes and events. She hopes to empower everyone she works with, leaving them with a strong motivation to live happier, healthier lives and become more connected to their inner selves and the world of spirit.

About Rebecca October 14, 2019